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When time is precious and yet Life doesn't want to slow down;    
When Change takes over and you want answers;
When anxiety, depression, grief, fear and frustration become overwhelming ...  
Then it is time to get the information to put you back in control
and change your life for the better.
The cd's offered here do just that: empower the individual and master those
going through the journey of Change.
For those educated in "The Secret" and "The Laws of Attraction" the ARTISTRY
OF CHANGE presents the knowledge to understand how to more easily and objectively go through the next stage in materializing into our Life what we really want, that of going through the process of Change, which is the vehicle
Life uses to redefine Who We Really Are and chart us on the
course in identifying and attaining our desires and goals.
These cd's are the condensed versions of my workshops/lectures
and a perfect introduction to the type of holistic counseling and partnership one would receive from our work together.
In 1984, I uncovered the information contained in ARTISTRY OF CHANGE and my life has, ever since, been directed in assisting people, organizations, and companies in understanding the
concepts included in this magical process we call Change, and
which, when completing the journey, emerge in complete transformation. This is, in essence, the purpose of the Change journey. Enjoy the information contained on these
cd's and may your journey be filled with the joy of mastery. 
Introduction to ARTISTRY OF CHANGE   1 CD
* When does Change happen and why
* How do we change our present Reality
* Using "Fear" as a tool
* What can we use to detect a wrong direction
* How do you become Successful?
* How to maintain a positive attitude in times of adversity
* How to handle feelings of being overwhelmed
* The Five Components Within the Process of Change System
* What is: Universal Law, Energy, Destiny/Free Will, Reality 
      and  Who You Really Are
* How we can change our Reality, now and in the future 
* When The journey of Change enters our Life
* What Life uses to send us messages of direction
* How the quality of opportunities and timeliness is 
       directed by YOU

The Impact of Positive and Negative Emotions On Our
Well BEING    1 CD
*  What is the telltale indicator that we are reaching the Stress Level
*  The Power of our Words
*  The Universal Law of "Focus"
*  How unresolved emotional issues affect our well BEING
*  What Emotional Vampires are and how to deal with them
*  What you must have in order to heal yourself: physically and
*  The six step process to heal unresolved issues

Understanding and Using Healing Energy     2 CD's
* The difference between healing and curing
* The Impact of Chakras on Each of Our Four Bodies
* How Healing Energy Works
* The 6 Step Process To Healing Unresolved Issues
* Three Ingredients Which Help or Hamper A Healing Process
* How To Facilitate A Healing Session
Introduction To The Michael System: Better and More
Effective Relationships    1 CD
* What makes us think, feel and behave the way we do
* Definition of the major personality overleaves
* Exploration into each of the 7 personality "roles"

Introduction To REIKI Level One      1 CD
* What REIKI is
* It's history
* Conducting a session
* How to use it

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The below listed workshops and seminars are offered to
the general public.
Please call for scheduling. Key Note and Trade Conference presentations and lectures customized to the dynamics
of the group and requested subject matter topic.
Just what really is stress?
How does it affect us and what can we do to control it?
The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical impact of
stress is explained as well as what we can do to alleviate
stress in our lives ...  both temporarily and permanently.
What it is
How it affects the body's energy flow
It's history
The impact on the body's Chakras
The emotional sources of disease 
Attunements included 
Demonstration on how to use it
CHANGE  is a process, much like a manufacturing process.
There are specific, sequential, steps that occur, and must
occur, for the desired result to be realized.
What these steps are and how we can go through this
process and still feel in control  is covered in this workshop.
A simple system to effectively and easily understand and
relate to each other ...
Why do we believe what we do and act/react in our own
unique manner?
With this information we can remain in a nonjudgmental
attitude... coming from objectivity rather than
emotionalism in dealing with even the most difficult
How we use our energy affects us and those around us.
Understand the impact when we project positive or
negative energy and how that affects our creative power
and health.
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