ARTISTRY OF CHANGE Established in 2002
Originally as founder and principal business consultant of J W BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, 
Jan White, LFIBA,RMT,D.D.  since 1984, successfully provided operation turnaround services for organizations and companies, Jan, quickly realized that it was the beliefs of the employees and managers that kept the business, relationships, and the individual themself where they were at, both professionally and personally. This realization then became her life long focus: assisting and facilitating individuals and businesses to become more empowered, master the journey of Change and bring into their life what they truly desired. It is with the magical adventure of rediscovering Who You Really Are that we are placed once again on the path and direction of what, how, and when to manifest what is in our best interest and highest good. Clients are assisted in a holistic approach in all areas of their life and persona. REIKI also plays a key part in this process and Jan, as a USUI REIKI Master Teacher, includes this within her approach.

She assists her clients in whatever cycle of life they are/will be in.
Jan White, LFIBA, RMT. D.D.
  • Prior Wellness columnist for the CDA Press newspaper
  • Holistic Life Empowerment Counselor for over 25 years
  • Certified Usui REIKI Master Teacher
  • Business Consultant/founder of J W Business Solutions (specializing in organizational restructuring, productivity and profit improvement, coaching and training) 
  • Published author, radio show series host, and speaker on topics relating to: healing, philosophy,   mastering Change, empowerment and business related subjects 
  • Prior Arbitrator on behalf of the American Arbitration Association
  • Author of Artistry of Change  (understanding and mastering the "Process of Change") (book)
  • Author and presenter of workshops and cd's: Understanding and Using Healing Energy, Artistry of Change (mastering the journey of Change), Reiki Level One, Understanding and Using the Michael System, Stress Reduction and Mgmt, The Impact of Positive vs Negative Emotions on our Well Being.
  • Awarded Lifetime Fellow for distinguished service by the IBC